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Hello All,

I would like to know if anyone could give me information reguarding Southern Railway Heavyweight Passenger cars. In particular, does anyone have a list of names of the cars, or numbers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks in advance......

Dan Edwards Grand Island, NE

-- Daniel T. Edwards (dedwards@inebraska.com), March 22, 2003


While this is hardly a complete listing of all ex-Pullman heavyweight sleepers, it is a fairly comprehensive list of named cars that were listed in the January 1960 Official Register of Passenger Train Equipment. Car types are based on information found in the SR Handbook, Streamline Cars - Volume 3 ACF - Other Builders, and the SR Color Guide and may contain some errors, especially so in regards to the 10-section 2-drawing room cars, which often were fodder for rebuilding to other floorplans.

Any additions or corrections would be welcome.

3-drawing room 6-compartment

Bizet Coret Glen Dochart Glen Strae Glen Summit

3-coompartment 2-drawing room sleeper-lounge observation

Patrick Henry

8-section 1-drawing room 3-double bedroom

Canonbury College Tate's Tower

10-section 1 drawing room 2-compartment

George Poindexter Lake Airslie Lake Andrew Lake Child Lake Dorr Lake Dumont Lake Eunice Lake Eustis Lake Garfield Lake Harney Lake Harriet Lake Hayden Lake Huron Lake Latham Lake Lowry Lake Morean Lake Parker Lake Pearl Lake Williams

10-section 2-drawing room

Edward Cary Walthall General Ewell General Longstreet General Pickett Joseph Bryan Joseph Wheeler Kansas City Club Mount Aire Mount Coury Mount Summit Mt. Callahan Mt. Douglas Mt. Evans Point Shirley Somerset Club

10-section 3-double bedroom

Villa Heights Villa Nova

12-section 1-drawing room

Alabama College Alexander B. Andrews Bentham Bluestem Brentwood Casseltown Clover Pasture Clover Way Cohoes Davidson College Fairfax Harrison Fowler Fuller E. Galloway Glacier Hershey Hungington College John W. Arrington Joseph E. Sirrine Knickerbocker Litchfield Maitland Matogue McBain McCants McClainville McCook McCreary McCory McElderry McElbany McElwain McFord McGirth McHenry McIntosh McKendree McKittrick McMullin McNalley McNeely McQuade McRae McRoss McShea Montford Nauvoo Oscar Newton Pikeville Portslade Puritan St. Delphine Salem College Thomas Ruffins Totten Tufts College Villa Grande Walton William Davidson William Rufus King William Wyatt Bibb Winthrop College Woford College Yadkin

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (laboda@bellsouth.net), March 25, 2003.

Thomas Ruffin is incorrectly listed as a 12-1. It was built as a 10- section, 2-drawing room car and rebuilt as a 10-section, 1-drawing room, 2-bedroom car. Thomas Ruffin is in the Southeastern Railway Museum collection.

Frank Greene

-- Frank Greene (fgreen01@midsouth.rr.com), March 25, 2003.

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