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Hello to all. I have just taken possession of an 02 diamante f4. Love the bike. However, as with my 996, a bad lower back will require handlebar risers to enjoy the bike for any real period of time. I have checked with heli, vreeke, and two brothers racing to no avail. Please advise as to anyone who makes them specific to the f4. Also, any ideas on retrofitting any of the existing risers for other bikes to the f4?


-- msoucy (, March 22, 2003


to my knowledge only fast by ferraci has it, and is an angle change (maybe not enough for your back. Did you try Spondon ? they may make custom one.....

-- o (, March 22, 2003.

the biggest problem with a true "riser" is the interference with the upper fairing, below the mirrors, there is simply not enough room for a decent amount of height change since the mastercylinders for brake and clutch would definitely hit FOR SURE. For those who wish to change to brembo radial pull master cyls. you might get something more towards the ergonomics you need. Otherwise, the F4S is the MOST uncomfortable bike to ride, but the best to look at...some may disagree with the comfort level, but most will agree that we WANT to ride these machines and NOT just look at them...

A big smile goes out to all the people that have told me "I can't believe you ride that thing, shouldnt it belong inside a glass case"

-- val (, March 22, 2003.

Thanks. Will try FBF. Am not familiar with Spondon. Do you have a website or contact info.

As to clearance, my 996 took no mods when the vreeke risers went on it other than a slight bend to the items mentioned. I hope the F4 has a similar amount of clearance to the fairing.....

-- msoucy (, March 23, 2003.

What do you mean "the most uncomfortable" bike you ever have ridden. I find myself dosing off on some of the long tours I've taken on mine.

-- greg petersen (, March 23, 2003.

FBF risers ONLY changed the angle of the clipons, not a REAL height change. BEWARE of how close they come when installing them! I tried them on the Senna and didn't really care for the different "feel" it gave this type of may however really enjoy the each his own. And for Greg, I know youre the betta rider because you can stand the painful seat and bars for longer...youre da MAN! I can only handle a 45minute ride, then I gotta stop for a stretchhhhhhhh....

-- val (, March 24, 2003.

Swap your bars over from side to side inverted. You will be pleasantly surprised.

-- Derek Goodwin (, April 20, 2003.

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