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My great grandfather Marion Mingledorff was listed as a machinist for C of G in the early 1920's in Savannah city directory. What exactly did a machinist for the railroad do? Also, are there any records of employees during this time? I don't know what happen to him after 1925. I believe he may have moved to another railroad town. Thanks.

-- caroline barfield (, March 21, 2003


A railroad machinist worked as well as still does on the locomotive. In his day they were great craftsmen. They made the tools they worked with and ALL the parts for the locomotive. In his day,it was a hard job,dirty,cold in the winter,hot in the summer. I am a railroad machinist,but my job is much better today than his was. He worked on steam,We work on diesel electric locomotives. I hope this has helped a little.

-- (, December 25, 2003.

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