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Hello. I am Chang, a mountain biker, from Korea. I'm supposed to stay in Kuala Lumpur for a week from March 23, and just happened to find your website, luckily. BTW, I'd appreciate if you could provide me with some info for having a full-day mountain bike riding near or in Kuala Lumpur. It may be a guided tour or simple tips for a riding like nice trails, shops, riding groups, tour agencies specializing bicycling, terrain, or whatever.

The simple description of my expectation is the following: - 1 day long riding : not too much technical, but adventurous - need to rent a decent bike - guidance with transportation; I'm not gonna drive in Malaysia.

If some of your group members manage bike tour businesses, you may let me know a couple of them. Or if you're just composed of pure riders, it would be also very nice if some of you could guide me as a one-day riding companion. In that case, I'll be willing to pay all of the accompanying expenses plus gratuity.

Any simple help may be deeply appreciated. Many thanks.

-- Chang-Hoon Kim (, March 20, 2003


Hi Chang,

You're in luck. There's lots of fabulous jungle trails in Malaysia, some even close to KL. A friend of mine takes visitors out for a reasonable fee. You can e-mail him at His name is Pat. Please let him know what size bike you'll need. You might also want to bring your helmet and Camelbak (if you use one), as these items are not available for rental.

In addition, if you use a clipless pedal system, you might also want to bring the pedals with you. The standard clipless pedals that come on our rental rigs are eggbeaters, so if that's what you use, just bring your shoes.


-- Joe Adnan (, March 20, 2003.

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