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In the US I understand that Motohaus sell the Acumen Digital Gear indicator, which in the near future will be sold here in the UK. At present Datatool sell one through their various outlets. Both are around the 60.00 mark. Can any one tell me the benefits or disadvantages of either one of the products? Many thanks Geoff

-- Geoff Barker (geoff.barker@ntlworld.com), March 19, 2003


Hi Geoff, i had the datatool one fitted to my F4last week and have been useing it all week. The reason it was fitted was becourse my other two bikes are a Bussa,and ZZR1100 both with plenty of power but i always came un stuck when rideing the MV being that it is down on power in comparason, so i thought a gear indicator would be useful. And i was right in the full throws of passion on the MV it has proved invaluable in telling me what gear i am in before that tricky corner. One good point that i like is that the display both dims and lights up automatically depending on the ambiant light.The only real problems if want to call it that is that the gear display does not change as fast as you change gear,but i suppose this dose matter as it is only an aid.And secondly the bike shope informed me that the wireing diagram that is supplyed with the MV F4 manual had no relevance to the actual bike its self. If you ask me was if worth fitting i would say OH YES!! definately. Hope this helps mate.

-- c richards (h.brocklehurst@btopenworld.com), March 19, 2003.


Can you provide information on the Acumen Digital Gear Indicator, like a website, etc.


-- Scott K (a56healey@yahoo.com), March 20, 2003.

If you are interested in a gear display unit that doesnt need connecting to speedo. or rev. counter, doesnt need setting up, will always show the right gear; please let me know. the Acumen & Digi ones, for example, will only show the gear when the engine rev.s & speed tally with a ratio, so if the speedo. is front wheel driven & you wheelie, or if you slip the clutch, blip the throttle between shifts, r sat at the lights & you won't get the right gear displayed. I have one at prototype stage, that will be going on sale soon for about 30/$50 +del. Allan.

-- Allan Euerby (fzr600@bikerider.com), December 07, 2003.

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