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I'm trying to find some info of the production of F4. Does anyone know how many F4S they have made so far?

I saw something about 1500 Strada one year. 99 or 2000.

And how about countries. What chare does the big counties get?

-- Nils Haak (, March 18, 2003


Do not know the exact answer to your question, but i have had my new f4 for less than a week, the dealer got it just after xmas and the chassis no. is 5500. So i guess they made at least this many! Just a guess though................

regards Ian

-- Ian Briggs (, March 19, 2003.

Is this 5500 bike an american or european bike as the VIN numbers differ in front of it?! So it could be 11000 bikes al together in 4 years!


-- hb (, March 19, 2003.

On May 16th 2000 Ducati Motor reached a high point of production after exceeding 200 bikes produced in a day, all in one shift. Half of that being Monster. In September 1996, when TPG (Texas Pacific Group) acquired Ducati Motor,the factory was producing only 26 motorcycles per day. We work at the most 250 days a year

I would beleive, Cagiva being much smaller than Ducati, could not meet this volume for the 3 brand combine(Cagiva, Huqsvarna, MV). And they were closed most of last year too.

1500 MV is a more realistic number, at is pick, or in there dreams. What about just few hundred last year...

-- ok (okthomas@TIR.COM), March 19, 2003.

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