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In the cold air night sometimes between the hours of midnight and daybreak a solitary lunitic can sometimes be heard screaming "Viva Montenegro!" somewhere off in the distance. The significence of this goes back, oh I'd say... a little over a week maybe when the panties quickly found themselves in a tight bind and becoming an irritating strain along the length of the crack. That's my story. I have no more. (copyright 2003 -by vic "still goin' strong in the space-age!") Viva Montenegro!)

-- "spacemonkey"#197 (, March 18, 2003


In the heart of "shit-town" there be an animal that walks alone at night and is seldom seen by the company that it avoids. It on a constant search for the truth regarding it's dwelling space being invaded by they who carry no good intention in they darkened soul. the disco box within it's heads seldom go low on battery for it is in a constant state of dis-charge/re-chargs and all like that. It marvel at that which it is not suppose to recognize and refuse to recognize that which is intended to be seen. It don't play that shit!

-- chugalot (, March 20, 2003.

It don't be answering the call for it do not play that shit! It ignore the mother fuckers cold for it do not allow itself to be overly influenced by the shit it do not play.

-- viva montenegro! (, March 20, 2003.

I think I know what you mean. It's like when the windows and door are all sealed shut in the winter and the leftover viruses and smells and sicknesses of whoever the fuck was off sick last week linger in the air like the specter of inevitable death. The remnents of the farts of pigs who enjoy the secret that it is their stench that others might smell. And whats worse are the bastards who enjoy it. I can relate. It makes me gag and consider a solitude life in a fucking underground bunker away from humanity and un-noticed so that when I die the occassion won't be celebrations. Anyone who says a funeral is anything other than a celebration is a cocksucking lyer preying upon the ignorant. Ignorance is often exploted by manipulitive people. In Ohio an abundance of exploitable ignoeance can be found along with recyclable beer cans. I can relate to what the fuck you were getting at believe me for I would not bullshit a queer. -Chugalot ( if anyone would care to debate the validity of what this response regards please feel free to e-mail at this address chugalot@safe- "still goin' strong in the space-age!"

-- scar (, April 10, 2003.

I know exactly what your saying. The stench on the breath of the beast is not by any fault of it's own regarding hygeine. It's like what the last poets once mentioned about the funk under a niggers arm. I can relate. Christ it's good to find someone out there who see's eye to eye about such an patheticly under discussed topic! Goddamn!

-- chugalot (, June 24, 2003.

I know what you mean sometimes. Or should I say I know what I mean?

-- three times seven equels twenty one (, September 26, 2003.

I have no answer to contribute and the thought of any such contribution would be I consider as an insult to the notion of contribution.

-- scarbozis buddy (, January 09, 2004.

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