Hollister Whitney Rope Grippers

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Are these units used to satisfy new A17 code in USA?

Any problems? Any comments?

-- Murray Charters (mcharters@novus-tele.net), March 17, 2003


Hi Murray,

-- James Holder (mgwyther@mindspring.com), May 07, 2003.

Hi Murray,

Yes the current Rope Grippers being supplied by HW meet the requirements for A17.1. We have had good success withe these units. We have not tried other vendors for comparison.

-- James Holder (mgwyther@mindspring.com), May 07, 2003.

I know this rope gripper unit, they work well, but do they are necesary by code?? I was looking the asme code and I do not find that they are mandatory.

-- mario (maresda@terra.com.pe), October 09, 2003.

The Hollister Whitney Rope Gripper and/or Bode Rope Brake have been in use in Canada to satisfy the B44 Code about ten years now...

There was some talk of merging code requirements to one standard with the B44-00 and the A-17 2000...

In Canada rope brakes are used to satisfy uncontrolled motion, overspeed in door zone, and contract overspeed in both directions...

cheers ..... murray

-- Murray Charters (mcharters@novus-tele.net), October 09, 2003.

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