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I've acquired a transfer student who doesn't seem to read notes despite 7 years of lessons. He is 13, and I learned from the mother (after the first lesson) that he has ADHD. I've read many of the message board questions/answers and will work with flash cards as well as Notecard on the computer. If anyone has other ideas I'd love to hear them! He does have a strong sense of rhythm. He desperately wants to learn "Alley Cat"...which I may use as a reward after he makes progress note reading...if it's available in a fairly simple version. Does anyone know where I might find that? Any suggestions will be much appreciated.

-- Marlene Sailstad (, March 12, 2003


I have had this problem several times. One way to over come it is to sing the note names. ie. Just the melody line. I chose a piece that is in ternary form and we find section A again and read and sing the notes again. Also I find by covering up the other notes with plain paper so no other information disrupts their thought processes could help. Small steps always help because a large problem is their lack of confidence and "feeling stupid". Especially 13 year old boys. So they therefore cover up this weakness by bluster. Just get him to name the very first few notes in each piece he is playing and do it at the beginning of each lesson, time consuming but works. See if he likes to compose and help him write out his own music. Hope this is helpful.

-- Deanne Scott (, April 30, 2003.

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