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Dear Sir or Madam:

My boyfriend (from the UK) and I (American born) are planning an appointment for this summer (June/July). I would like to know what documents are essential for him to bring over from the UK as he needs time to gather them.

Also, how far in advance would be necessary to secure an appointment?

Thank You for your time and assistance in this matter!


Christina Laudano

-- Christina Laudano (, March 12, 2003


The BCIS (what used to be the INS) has a good Q+A on its web page about fiancÚ applications.

If you want to have an appointment at the Consualte this summer you need to start the initial INS application immediately.

If you live in Connecticut and need an appointment with us, just call (203 239-2299). Normally we set appointments a week or two in advance.

-- Michael Boyle (, March 21, 2003.

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