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I would like to share with you the outstanding work that Jason Webb has done to create a 3d model of the Orlando Station for Microsoft Train-Sim. I know that he posted a shot during the early development stages, but that did not do justice to the finished product. Here are two links, first is a static shot of the finished model Static Shot of Orlando.

The second link is a slide show of the station complete with scenery and passenger train and Orlando Station Slide Show

Jason is recreating the A-Line from Tampa to Jacksonville has captured the realism of the route. Visit his web-site at www.scl-aline.com for more details.

-- Carey Stevens (ca.stevens@att.net), March 11, 2003


Thanks Buck and Carey for the Kind Words,

Buck, I made the Orlando Station in Train Sim Modeler, However I plan to remake all the Stations in GMAX, heck everything will be GMAX from now on - :)

I am currently working on version 2 of the line - the track Extends 1 mile west of the Amtrak station in Jacksonville and runs along the A line south to Uceta, at Uceta the route branches (to Port Tampa City and the other to Bradenton), I have included and laid all track for the Aloma Sub to 436 and the Palmetto Sub to Oneco, FL including the Tropicana plant :)

for those who have not seen MSTS in action here is a small movie playable in Windows Media Player, sorry i dont update Much - my Fire Dept Job takes alot of time


-- Jason Webb (jwebb4@cfl.rr.com), April 28, 2003.

Jason & Carey... Well, it looks like that dust covered copy of MSTS I have might get some use after all. Sheesh, I couldn't stand the European stuff and all the modern engines and (snnnoooooze). However, I'll let the Amwhatever go in the photo and say, great job. Is this a GMAX structure? I use that for MSFS2k2.

To those who are interested in seeing Jason's work..he has a fine website and , as a note, this is an .exe link you are going to. Ok, what does that mean...it means that when you click the link (I've fixed these to be clickable)you will get a box popping up asking you if you want to save or open or cancel. If you want to see the pictures, they are presented in a slide-show format, simply click "Open". Your system will do the rest.

-- Buck Dean (bdean@auchter.com), March 12, 2003.

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