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doorag000000: nice 'n' easy doorag000000: i don't know if its a compilation or a regular-run album reissued in a cheap crappy lookin sleeve icy blend signed off at 3:17:47 AM. doorag000000: anyway, much good songs Previous message was not received by icy blend because of error: User icy blend is not available.

icy blend signed on at 3:17:54 AM.

-- //?////?// (d@jhbf./n;), March 11, 2003


doorag000000: hi hows it going? Julie126: hey there! what did you do, take a short nap? lol doorag000000: got cut off & couldnt get back on line for ages doorag000000: yeah Julie126: oh! figured I just missed ya.. that was fun, thanks for inviting me doorag000000: hey i've got another nz single that you might like, spare copy of a Puddle single, do you know that band? Julie126: have heard of them, that's about all Julie126: cool! thanks.. doorag000000: yeah well theyre really good, a favourite of mine Julie126: well, i'm sure i'll like 'em then doorag000000: so yeah! i'll get round to sending you it *sometime* doorag000000: .. Julie126: LOL Julie126: always worth the wait doorag000000: oh good doorag000000: man nuthin on my computer is working doorag000000: sounds not working, printer not working.. Julie126: oh man... well, i'll fix it all when i'm over there. hahaha, yeah sure doorag000000: ha ha doorag000000: are you quite a computer whiz>?

Julie126: not hardware or system stuff, no Julie126: i'm "passable" with software stuff doorag000000: i am totally ignorant abot em, you know, i just learned how to use the internet before i learned anything Julie126: let's put it this way: i can stumble around and sometimes fix software issues... / yeah. Julie126: the internet got a lot of people going who were computer illiterate. and you're doing better than my friend Victor - he's still totally mystified at how to properly use the mouse. doorag000000: so did i tell you in that chat rm, - can't remember - space dust is playing in about a week Julie126: oh, cool! Julie126: whereabouts? doorag000000: oh yeah i've been learning how to NOT use the mouse, i know keyboard commands for everything now doorag000000: thats my new computer skill doorag000000: in lyttelton Julie126: that's pretty good / oh really? I should have Lizi check you guys out! doorag000000: at a bar called the wunderbar doorag000000: yeah do! Julie126: if she's not loaded with kids / LOL - yeah I know that bar, she mentions it often doorag000000: yeah it'll be cool, it's all old school members from the early christchurch days on this show Julie126: oh really?? doorag000000: yeah we've played there, lots of my/my friends' bands, many times Julie126: man... i should just come over *now*, haha doorag000000: yah john chrisstoffels is playin w. us for 1st time in like 5 yrs doorag000000: yeah! doorag000000: you know there's been i think 20 members of that band over the years doorag000000: it'd be good to play some shows with a 10 or 15 or 20 person lineup Julie126: lol, you could have a funny "family reunion" then / lol doorag000000: most we've had at 1x is 7 doorag000000: yeah like hawkwind! Julie126: that sounds fantastic / LOL doorag000000: yeah but anyway this gig will only have 6 members, thats probably the max. manageable level doorag000000: in a room that size doorag000000: it's a pretty small place Julie126: i don't imagine a place like that is terribly big / right. Julie126: when is the show? (i'll tell lizi, just in case she can make it) doorag000000: fri the 6th doorag000000: june that is Julie126: ok, cool doorag000000: yeah, cool, another punter! doorag000000: never too sure how many ppl we'll get, we used to get lots of peops in chch but i dunno, it's bbeen a while Julie126: you doing some advertising? Julie126: flyers, whatever doorag000000: wll i just made a poster Julie126: great! doorag000000: yeah & the dude from the other band is doing his own flyer too doorag000000: so yeah Julie126: who else is playing that gig? Julie126: a few bands? (sometimes clubs here have like 5-6 bands in a night; kinda ridiculous) doorag000000: my friend lynton's new band w. his brother kyle, which is called ROCKINWHORSES. doorag000000: NOo its rockinwhores not whorses doorag000000: that was a typo Julie126: lol doorag000000: but it looked good actually Julie126: haha, that's pretty good doorag000000: they'll probably be a kind of noisy thing doorag000000: he always does interesting stuff, he does these totally crazy psychedelic radio shows with 3 records playing at once and suchlike Julie126: did i ever tell you i bought this brother love lp from a place in st. louis, missouri? doorag000000: records played thru effects pedals doorag000000: oh really! Julie126: ah, that sounds good doorag000000: cool doorag000000: whicjh one? Julie126: yeah - they were stunned; said they had it in stock for a few years, haha / my own worst enemy Julie126: i was gonna bid on it in roi's auction, then found it for like 1/4 of the current price at this place doorag000000: oh thats a good one,...well do you like it? it's my 2nd- favourite Julie126: yep, i do! doorag000000: cool doorag000000: yeah the VERY best bro record is the 1st one john allen put out doorag000000: the 1 sided one Julie126: what's that called? doorag000000: every garden grows one Julie126: ah, ok

-- (doorag@satan's.magic.castle), May 29, 2003.

music i have been listening to tonight : bassholes, drags, steeleye span, andy roberts, moondog, hot chocolate, pet shop boys, can, crude, charles gayle, the fall, charles mingus, can,

-- (doorag@satan`s.magic.castle), May 29, 2003.

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