Difference between sql and oracle

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what is the Difference between sql and oracle?

-- Abhay Kumar Singh (abhaykumar24@hotmail.com), March 11, 2003


what are the differences between Sql and Oracle?

-- kumar abhishek (abhishek_k_s@yahoo.co.uk), March 25, 2003.

Is both oracle and sql we use same commands

-- aruna (aruna_b_m@yahoo.com), November 11, 2003.

Dear sir,

Could u tell what is the difference between SQL and SQL* ?


ok bye Harish

-- HARISH BODAVALA (harish0211@yahoo.co.in), March 25, 2004.


-- kandavel balaji (balaji_86k@yahoo.co.in), October 05, 2004.

Differnce between sql ansd oracle?

-- A .muralidharan (rahul_dharan@rediffmail.com), October 25, 2004.

Difference between Oracle and SQL :-

Usage of database depends on certain factors, No Of Users concurrently using it, Load of Database etc.

If it is a simple web application free database like MySQL is enough, but it is not advisable in mission critical applications. Obviously, Oracle is platform dependant but as it is a backend, it matters, only if you have not chosen an operating system .SQL Server can handle upto 1-1.5 TB AND THERE IS NO LIMIT FOR oRACLE

-- Liju Thomas (lijuthomas_80@yahoo.co.uk), November 30, 2004.

hai friends!

TITLE : Difference betweeen sql and oracle

Sql - Structured Query Language Oracle - It is a one type of DBMS software SQL -----

* Sql is a comman language for DBMS,RDBMS,ORDBMS.It is a language used to query( insert/retrieve/delete/update) the records in database.

* In this sql,sql plus are there.

* It is a world widely accepted language for database.

* Ex: c,c++

ORACLE ---------- * It is a software package, that is used to handle or to maintaine the databse. * It is a software to give the structure of database storage. * Oracle 7, Oralce 8, Oracle 8i, Oracle 9i, Oracle 11i are available in market. * It is a company called" Oralce " to produce this software.

* Ex: Turbo C, Borland C

for more info ilango@javamail.ever1.net ilangogroups@yahoo.com

-- ilango (ilango@javamail.every1.net), February 16, 2005.

Dear Abhay, Hi !

Oracle is a relational database. Its a software package.

In Oracle we use SQL(Structured Query Language)...its a language made of english like words. With the help of SQL we retrive, update & modify records. eg. SELECT * FROM EMPLOYEE; is an SQL .

Regards Vinay

-- Vinay Dixit (vinay_s_dixit@indiatimes.com), March 02, 2005.

hi, if you are asking about difference between sql server and oracle then the main diference is that oracle is platform independent and it runs in unix also, but sql server being a microsoft product is not!!it only runs in window!


-- satyarup siddhanta (satyarups@yahoo.com), March 03, 2005.

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