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Ok I used to use PLUR Just Peace Love Unity & Respect. Then I heard DJ Monkey Moy use PLURR,I have even seen it used here before, Peace, Love Unity Respect & Responcibility. That made a bit more since to me after all the negative media coverage about kids getting sick & some dying from drug overdoses. It's what I use now. But I have gotten my head chewd off for using it. Im mean I'll say PLURR & their all like NO WAY I have been to more raves than you so I know what Im talking about. I mean I know All about the speeches of Frankie Bones, But even though I have never met him Personaly I don't think He'd disaprove of the extra R. I mean That little "R" being part of the fromula could have saved some lives man! Im just Asking about it I guess. Im just tired of being chewd out for it. Well what are your thoughts on the subject?

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2003


DJ Monkey BOY not Moy... Sorry

-- Anonymous, March 10, 2003

How about developing your own ideology based on your own knowledge and experience instead of clutching to a generic, cliche idea that can be reduced to a retarded acronym?

-- Anonymous, April 07, 2003

what did he just say?!?

-- Anonymous, May 16, 2003

honestly, plurr or plur, or even peave love and unity as some have known it to be, should be for everyone to use, whether uve gone to 3 raves or 100 or none, dodrugs dont, or sometime...., if u really want to stick by what being a "raver" or "party kidd" means, or living the culture and life, then just use what u want whether original or not, if u believe in what it means then spread the idea, its not plageurism or w/e and however u spell that, its an idea, that someone happened to voice, just because someone ssaid it now, doesn’t mean no one else can stand for it, believe it,live it, or share it. isnt being part of this scene aboutthe music and lovenot the credit and originality, cus in the end once it becomes that... ur no different then the rest of the world ur tryin to be so desperatly different from.... use which ever one u want, do what u want and do it by respecting people, loving people, unity n responisbility

-- Anonymous, November 18, 2003

I mean PLURR could mean "People Love Underground Rail Roads" and PLUR could mean "Please Let us Rave" but the truth is if it is not broke do'nt fix it...You could add the extra "R" but there will never be two Rakim's. So if you add an extra R also known as the 18th letter does that add up to the 36 chambers that Wu-tang own. Peace to Dirt Mcgirt...Truth is it was called P.L.U.M in its origin... PEACE--LOVE--UNITY MOVEMENT. Formed in 1990 as a small team of experts prior to Stormrave known for breaking this culture in America. The Movement was about Peace Love & Unity...when you have the 3 components you need not worry about respect because if your peaceful, Loving & accept those around you, well--the respect is there. It needed movement to reach out into America from Brooklyn and somehow the early http:/ days formed the respect part. Add whatever you like but remember "People like U Really Retarded" for even reaching that far to add an extra letter to something that is only a component of the 3! Why not PEACE LOVE UNITE RESPONSIBLY? Nah-meen....... Frankie Bones

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2003

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