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There is a section of track that allows present day Seminole Gulf Railway to operate between the Seaboard ( CH & N )Boca Grande line to the ACLs line to Ft. Myers. The line originates from the wye on the east side of Arcadia yard and runs alongside of a city road for about 1/2 mile before curving south and putting trains on the ACL line. Was this connection in place before the 67 merger or was it built in the SCL era? If in place before the merger was there much interchange between the SAL and ACL here? Any other details on this section and railroading in the Arcadia area would be appreciated. Thanks

-- Michael Mulligan (, March 10, 2003


This partial answer is a little late. Before Seminole Gulf took over, the Seaboard System trains entered Arcadia on the ACL's rails from Lakeland. The tracks came through downtown Arcadia, past the ACL depot, which is now a real estate office or insurance agency. That line was severed in the latter part of the 1980's. I am not sure if it was before or after the Seminole Gulf's take-over. I dont know if the existing trackage was removed at one time, then replaced in the 80s or if it was always there but not used. I thought the track from the wye to the SGLR line was newly built at that time, but am not sure. There are foundations for several structures at the point where the SGLR interchanges with CSX, including a depot with platform. The SAL had two branches from to Murdock, El Jobean and Boca Grande, and one through Hull, to Fort Myers and Naples

-- Bill Donahue (, March 28, 2004.

Michael - Have done some more reading and now believe that the half mile of track in Arcadia, Fla., connecting the ex-SAL with the ex-ACL is a remnant of the old East & West Coast Ry, a SAL subsidiary. The E&WC was opened in May 1915, connecting Bradenton with Arcadia. It's mileposts show a crossing of the CH&N at mp 48.9 and a terminal in Arcadia at mp 49.5. The E&WC line was abandoned in September 1934, except for some industrial track in Bradenton and the connection in Arcadia, which may have also included some industrial sidings. I'd suggest a search a city library in Arcadia. A Sanborn Fire Insurance map of Arcadia would show what industries were along the line. There may also be newspaper clippings in verticle files, business directories, etc., that would give you more information.

-- Tom Underwood (, March 11, 2003.

Michael - The Charlotte Harbor & Northern RR had a freight connection with the Atlantic Coast Line RR in Arcadia by 1918. This connection is also shown in the 1950's between the ACL and SAL. That's as much as I have here. I'd be interested in who owned that half mile of track prior to the SCL merger.

-- Tom Underwood (, March 10, 2003.

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