Haro Mirra 540 Air

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1 month old Haro Mirra 540 Air, ride a few times and found out I still prefer mountain bikes. So here goes...RM600, contact me at 012-2668-222

-- mike (skareb@lycos.com), March 09, 2003


I am interested in this bike. could i get a picture? What year is it and how much are you asking for it? Thankz,Jeff

-- jeffrey Lehr (ac_heat@juno.com), April 17, 2003.

hey email me back asap! im interested! im down for that.

-- ben (ben_spawn@yahoo.com), May 15, 2003.

is it bmx type?still available?

-- majan (mazran@ptp.com.my), August 19, 2003.

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