Koluva Maragatha - Todi - Rendering By MS

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MS had presented several AIR Concerts in her prime and mainly thru AIR Chennai. Many years ago, she rendered a Thyagarajar Kruthi Koluva Maragatha in Todi and it was simply out of the world.

Any chance some one has a recording ?

Over last 40 years, I manage to collect her music in 78,45,33 rpms, tapes, cds now and recordings of her live and radio concerts as a passionate hobby. Would be interested to interact with people having similar experience.

kumar sa

-- sa kumar (kumarpooja@hotmail.com), March 09, 2003


namaskaram sir, yy i am studing bds ( bachleor of dental surgery } i am 19 years old. i have been devoted to music & musicians since my childhood . i was born in an orthodox brahmin family . there was given more respect to the great musicuan MADURAI SHANMUGAVADIVU SUBBULAXMI . i have been gathering information about , some photos , tapes . i go deep into my heart when i listen to her voice. she is a godess of music & life giving to me. her voice had made me recherge myself when i was in depression just since six months . i am proud of myself for the closeness i have created phyco logically. it is very unfortunate for that i could'nt see her in person nor through media like t.v. nor vedios . i have not even attended her concerts . my native is hyderabad & my mothertongue is telugu . now i have come to chennai for studies & soon after coming i started investigating & asking about her . but none could respond properly. i am dying to know her & see her. i hope u will be helpfull to me a lot in this. i will be very thankful to u. if anyone started an autobiography on her, i would contribute myself & my everything . do mail me & also please write to my adreess which would be more easy as the mail would'nt respond properly .and i am more interested to meet u in peson. i will be waiting for ur response[ better with letters]. i will be mailing u often. thanking you . srikanth

-- srikanth poduri (dr_srikanthp@yahoo.co.in), March 17, 2003.

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