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What do u people on this site think of cloning, it is a very interesting topic, to all u ethical people and science geeks, what do u think, i know my shit on it, so i just wanna hear other peeps opinion.

-- Frank Summerlin (, March 08, 2003


who gives a shit lol

-- jenny (, June 25, 2003.

Hey bitch above or below me with the comment "who gives a shit, lol", fuck u! I care, duh bitch or i wouldn't have posted that shit like 5 months ago, lol. But u might have been kiddin, in that case, sry for the cussin, on the other hand, u could have been being a stupid bitch, so.... draw u'r own conclusion to the comments above, perhaps it will be "who gives a shit, lol". But thanx for responding!

Bye Bye now Frank/wateverusay4788

-- Frank Summeirln (, June 25, 2003.

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