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'theres a divinity that shapes our ends. Rough-view them how we will. discuss the role of providence in Hamlet. H E L P! Anyone got any good stuff to contribute?

-- holly santry (, March 08, 2003


Have a look under the questions in this forum, "Hamlet's Fate, 2002-09-19," and "Help with a line, 2001-01-03". Providence and fate seem to be seen as slightly different: Providence is, or is related to God, and is therefore concluded to be thoughtful and beneficient towards humanity and each human being. Fate is not necessarily so. In Act V, Hamlet focuses on Providence ('... a divinity ... ', '... a special providence ...'), suggesting he has come to put his trust in God rather than continually doubt and question and even rebel, and to speak bitterly of Fortune, as he seemed to do earlier.

-- catherine england (, March 10, 2003.

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