what is the difference between fisheyes and wide-angle lenses?

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I was wondering What is the difference between fisheyes and wide-angle lenses? do they have the same effects? which is better? and is .5x better than .43x?????? please hellpppp

-- kirk (eastbridgeskata1@aol.com), March 07, 2003


fish eye lens warps the image as it goes from the centre outwards. Ie - the cover of Jimi Hendrix are you experienced album. Neat for an effect, but you'd probably not want to do a whole movie that way.

Wide angle lenses have a low number (ie 4 mm lens, 6 mm lens). It means that they open up to "see" more space than a "telephoto". Think about it this way, draw the letter V. Now make the V wider, that's wide angle (and a lower number on the mm count on the lens). It takes in more, good for shooting in small spaces, but if it's too wide, the edges start to look funny, and it gives more of a comic feel.

THe higher the mm count on a lens, the more telephoto it is, so you close the legs of the V. It's good for getting shots that have a lot of depth. If a truck is to "kill" someone in a movie, and you want the guy to jump out of the way, use a telephoto, because he can jump away when the truck is quite a distance away, but with a telephoto, it looks like it "just missed" him. It's also good for following action and having foreground elements go by fast to make the action look faster (good for action). Mail me if you want more info.... :)

-- rick rose (rickrose1@yahoo.com), March 21, 2003.

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