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Hi guys! I just got a few questions about my MV that i still dont understand... I need a lil bit of help with this,..

1. What is the blank oval thing on my F4s swingarm? its the same thing on the ORO but its got two buttons and a sticker which says "DATI AQUSIZIONI".... what does it do?

2. Can i drill another hole on my sideplate for adjustable piviot position for my rocker arm? just like the ORO.

3. I really dont like whats happening to the red buttons on the instruments and as well as on the rear stand. Because its turning pink or flesh! does this only happen to me? can i do anything with this? at least with the buttons?


-- dza (dzaprojects@yahoo.co.uk), March 05, 2003


1: to mount the "data acquisition" equipment, for people who want to go racing and have the $ to by such equipment. 2: Different hole give different leverage ratio for the rear suspension, great for racing, yes you drill new hole, as long as you know what you are doing, and what kind of result you want (ratio). 3: ?I don't have a red button on mine?

-- o (okthomas@tir.com), March 07, 2003.

I mean the red buttons on the handlebars (starter, engine stop, etc.)

-- dza (dzaprojects@yahoo.co.uk), March 10, 2003.

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