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I know several people have been looking for the MV helmets. I just got mine on Friday. Wow are they nice. The dealer I got mine from bought the entire stock from Arai and has them all at his store. He is selling them for 955 EURO. This is with BTW included. I asked and he said he can not exclude the BTW for export. He would give the helmet to me and I would ship them to the states. If you are in Europe and want one let me know and I'll give you the dealer name and location. If you're in the states and want one let me know and we'll work shipping details.

-- Scott Armstrong (, March 03, 2003


Hello Scott, The conversion comes out to between $1,050 and $1,070 (US $). That seems to be a little much for the helmet. I'm sure if your dealer would consider 500-550 Euro, he would get more interest. Unless, there are little elvs that reside in the rear of the helmet, coming out periodically to give a neck and shoulder massage.

-- Masis Yeterian (, March 03, 2003.

Hey Scott,

You have still the black matt MV spr? Saw one at exhibiton in Utrecht last week. It had a BN license plate, not yours though? Or did you sell it back to him? Don't think your dealer is a cheap one. Is too keen on earning money over MV enthausiasts. Selling the 50st SP for 50000 euro is 10000 too much. even when it includes the full red corsa fairing. Same with the helmets!

-- hb (, March 03, 2003.

My local dealer has sold me a number of items from the MV-SP catalog including leather, magnesium, at normal price, available immediately since they are in Italy. If there is an interest in parts, please post what you are looking for with PART #, and I will ask my dealer the net price. I am not looking to make any money on my fellow MV owners, I just hope that someday if i need of you will extend the same.


Let me know.


-- giorgio (, March 04, 2003.

I cannot understand why anyone would pay that price!

One can purchase a new white helmet (and have a Signet if that fits better) and have the guys at spay it for you for much less. These guys painted my helmet and they did a great job. Just send them a pic of the MV paint scheme and ask for a quote. One could 'customize' the scheme or colors or get the exact same look, both are easy. Save the cash for some pips or a riding school!

-- Mike (, March 08, 2003.

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