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I need power cord for 6 cup Corningware coffee pot.

-- Don Chamberlain (, March 02, 2003


Seems we are in the same boat, only i need the power cords for 2 - 12 cup perculators by corningware. if you find any, could you let me know and i'll do the same if i find any for the 6 cup pots. Dan

-- Dan (, April 09, 2003.

I found what i was looking for on E-bay. I bought an entire corningware 10 cup electric coffee pot including cord that are just exactly like new. i have also seen several of the power cords there. Here is a link to one of them if you are still interested. ViewItem&category=20671&item=2318686879&rd=1

Just copy and paste that into your web browser and it will take you there. i'll also email you the link in case you can't make this work. Have a nice day, Dan

-- Dan (, April 25, 2003.

I recently bought a 10 cup CW percolator for $2 at a flea market without the power cord..I too went on ebay and found 2 cords..but there is alot of competition out there.Plus you have to pay shipping..This is what I did..And it worked..Disconnect the inside unit with the plug prongs from the coffee pot/or take it intact (at your own risk of breaking it)..Go to one of your local junk stores/GoodWill/Salvation Army, and look for small appliances with these type adaptor/power cords..Try to find one that fits in there (there is a little metal thingy that bends (right over top the prongs in the middle) that will impede the power plug going in if you took just the heating unit, which means you disassembled the coffee pot), you just have to get a grip on it(which is hard) and hold it out of the way *a second pair of hands would be great if you're not patient*(this works try it!)If you aren't accident prone take the whole coffee pot with you during the hunt for the cord and you will know right away if the power cord fits..I found a small old hibachi griller and the cord fit perfectly..Remember Corning had to get their cords somewhere and they weren't just made for the coffeepot alone!! I have used my pot 3 times and everything has been perfect...I payed $4 for the cord/hibachi pot/ now I can use both, just not at the same time!! Hope this helps you!

-- Ginger Cooper (, June 03, 2003.

I have located new cords at a repair shop about 50 miles from here. They do not ship but I am going to be going there to pick up mine. If you would like 1 they are 12.50 plus shipping. I could pick it up and mail it in a padded envelope. This is the type with the odd shaped piece that fits under the handle of the 10 cup.


-- Anna Babcock (, June 21, 2003.

I need a cord for a 10 cup corning coffee pot . Is it avaliable from corning dish company ?

-- paul foxworth Sr. (, October 16, 2003.

I have two 10 cup Corning Ware coffee pots that are complete for sale. If interested please E mail me.

Thanks, Mike

-- mike Curtis (, November 13, 2003.

I need acord for 6 cup corning pot for my 96 year old mom, If you have any extra let me know Reba Thank You

-- RebaFreeman (, July 07, 2004.

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