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I'm searching for decals for Southern Railway streamline passenger cars. I saw a previous question on the same topic that was posted more than a year ago. The answer at that time was After Hours Graphics. Apparently that company is out of business, judging by (a) the tentative tone of the answer to the previous question, (b) the fact that my e-mail to AHG has been unanswered for several weeks now and (c) I don't see ads for AHG in any of the numerous model railroad mags I receive.

So does anyone have any contemporary information on this question?

Many thanks, Jeff Wilson

-- Jeff Wilson (, March 01, 2003


Hello Jeff;Champ decals makes a streamline decal set for the southern railway in black print that works fairly well. The Champ # is PH-40. You may want to check your local hobby store for these as Champ, from what I understand is in process of going out of business. I heard that they wil still sell decals for as long as they can with what they currently have. That is, no new sets from Champ will become available anymore. Hopefully for those of us that still enjoy using decals, we can get Walthers to bring back his line of decals like he had in 1985.I'm also hopefull that someone will buyout Champ and continue running his line.Everyone, call Walthers,Champ and other decal makers and tell them that you would still like to see southern railway decals as well as others to be produced. Hope this helps you Jeff.I'll climb down from my soap box now! Sincerely, Rob Cashwell

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, March 02, 2003.


Thank you for the info. A previous post (referencing the 2002 thread on this same theme) criticized the accuracy of these decals, but this might still be the best option.

Does anyone else know of a better option?

Many thanks,

-- Jeff Wilson (, March 02, 2003.

Well, my post apparently shook something loose, for today, I received the following email:


Sorry for the delay in responding. Yes, we are still in business, yes, we still have the Southern passenger decals. E-mail me your snail mail address & I can mail out a listing to you; as of this time it is not online.

Thanks, Chip Coburn CDS Signs/After Hours Graphics 11123 Reading Rd. Cincinnati, OH 45241

-- Jeff Wilson (, March 03, 2003.

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