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I have just been looking at the MV website, and in the Technical Specifications PDF File, it states that the Ago is electronically speed limited to 155 mph. I then checked all the other Technical Specification PDF Files for all the other F4S models, and none of them list any electronic speed limitation. Is this an error, or is the Ago really electronically speed limited to 155 mph? Why would they do this to the Ago? Is this something that is coming to all models?

-- Tom Lyons (, March 01, 2003


Upon further inspection, the Brutale also shows an electronic speed limitation of 155 mph, in its Techical Specifications PDF file. So now, it is both the Ago and the Brutale. The 2 newest models. Is it a trend? What will they do when the F5 comes out, limit that to 155 mph too? I don't think I like what this seems to be.

-- Tom Lyons (, March 01, 2003.

On the dutch website the ago (like evo3 and 1+1) has a topspeed of 286km/h And it states for the brutale a 250km/h limit at 13.100 RPM This mot possible at these revolutions. so it must be 250 or limited at 13.100rpm but both at the same time is wrong.

-- hb (, March 01, 2003.

On the MV-USA website, it is very confusing, because in the section referring to speed in gears, it states 175 mph-electronically limited, and then if you scroll down the the performance section it says maximum speed is 155 mph-electronically limited. What gives?

-- Tom Lyons (, March 01, 2003.

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