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In Dcember of 1949 or maybe 1950 I had the pleasure of riding the New Royal Palm from Cincinnati to Jax. It was a deluxe streamliner of about 12 cars and must have been the pride of the CNO&TP and the GS&f.

1. Am I correct in my recollection that the train was a winter season only daily train?

2. If so where did the 3 required trainsets of 36 modern streamlined cars come from or conversely where did the SR use them in the off seasons?

-- Mark Foster (, February 28, 2003


1. "The New Royal Palm", Tr.s 5-6, were, indeed, winter season only trains. The "Royal Palm", Tr.s 3-4, were year round trains.

2. As near as I can tell, some of the equipment was used on Tr.s 3- 4, "The Royal Palm", in the off-season, and other cars were likely shifted to other trains, replacing conventional equipment until needed once again for Tr.s 5-6.

Bob Hanson

-- Robert H. Hanson (, March 25, 2003.

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