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Hello everyone,

Recently I decided that my next bike has to be MV Agusta... I live in Toronto, Canada. I am interested in 1+1 model since it offers pillion seat. Questions... 1. Reliability - servicing of these bikes? 2. Any insight into importing it to Canada? 3. Used or New? What to look out for? 4. Anything else you consider important to know before I buy?

Thanks and happy riding... see you around.

-- havida (, February 28, 2003


Scroll down and you should find the answers to most of these questions. I fnot maybe someone else on here will be willing to help you out.

-- ben kifle (, February 28, 2003.

Hi! My MVagusta F4 was stolen in Miami, FL last night. I am offering a $5,000 reward to anyone who can help find the theives who stole it. They may be trying to sell the bike online. It is a 2002 1+1 silver with blue accent. Call me or the Sunny Isles Police Dept. if you hear anything. Thank you. John 305-481-3555

-- John Gonell (, March 27, 2003.

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