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I am looking for a print of a painting of beggars. I thought it was called "The Beggars" by vincent van gogh. It may have been 2 to 4 poor men possibly without legs begging on the street.

-- d n hugo (, February 26, 2003


A small painting by this description is in the Louvre museum in Paris. Entitled "The Beggars," it was painted by Pieter Brueghel the Elder. An image may be viewed at the website of the Web Museum:

-- Robert Kemp (, March 21, 2003.

The beggars is by Pieter Bruegel the elder. it is also known has the cripples. research under and enter "the Beggars"+Pieter Bruegel+Description. and that should giver you your answer

-- Mandi May (, August 19, 2003.

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