2003 SPR or AGO?

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I currently have a 2002 F4S 1+1 EVO 02 that I have put 1900kms on and love it. I have completed the following: Brembo radial pumps for the brake & clutch, RG3 system (headers are factory RG3) w/ eprom, Carbon as follows: front mud guard, both ignition covers, key guard, air intakes, upper chain guard, rear plate holder, exhaust guard, air box left and right. MV Ergal rear sprocket 43. Never damaged, broken in properly (halfway.....see the kms?)perfect condition. Now I have a close friend that I am considering selling it to, but will still take offers. Here is the question- AGO or the SPR? Need your input! I have #009 MV Agusta Brutale Oro reserved, that is a no brainer......but the daily ride is giving me a choice I know in any case I will not regret. What do you think?

Thanks in advance.


-- Giorgio Chignioni (giorgio@ureach.com), February 25, 2003


Hmmmm, what do I think ??..........I think your a lucky S.O.B.:-) If you wanna ride,go the SPR.....the ultimate.If you want to collect...go the Ago.


-- Pete Hughes. (pete_mvagusta@yahoo.com.au), February 26, 2003.

The ago has the magnesium wheels etc., SPR not. so there might be a difference in driving experience although they have the same engine


-- hb (not@vailable.com), February 26, 2003.

I just arrived back from the MV dealer, I know that the SPR MSRP is Euro 26,795.00, and the AGO and the SPR have different engines (still EVO 03) BUT the SPR has different camshaft profiles, alot of carbon fiber, as well as full RG3 (Italian models only),higher rev limit and different compression (higher) than a normal EVO 03 engine.I am leaning toward the SPR..... while I was there I viewed a (not for sale) Senna # 004, beautiful......

-- Giorgio Chignioni (giorgio@ureach.com), February 26, 2003.

I am in a similar position. After waiting for so many months for production to restart I suspect I will end up getting what arrives here first, F4S, Ago or SPR... If only the SPR were coming in Rosso Corsa the choice would be made!


-- JamesC (jamesacorell@hotmail.com), February 26, 2003.

Does MV Special Parts offer a full carbon fiber fairing kit in the F4 Oro red/silver color scheme? If so, would it be smart to just keep the factory black panels in storage and have Carbon bodywork? What could I do about the tank?

-- giorgio chignioni (giorgio@ureach.com), February 27, 2003.

Tank is available in RED as well from SP site!

http://www.mvagusta.com/2003mvagusta/specialparts/images/largepics/spc a001019g.jpg

http://www.mvagusta.com/2003mvagusta/specialparts/images/largepics/spc a001020g.jpg

And yes I was wrong about the ago having teh same engine as SPR. Ago has normal EVO3 137BHP as the SPR is tweaked to 146BHP.

-- hb (not@vailable.com), February 27, 2003.

I have also been researching this, as I too, will buy a new MV soon. I have found on the MV SP website, that the entire F4 Oro kit is available for both standard and SPR models. It is around $12000 US for all of the body parts in carbon with Red/Silver paint, and all the gold magnesium parts too. While I have seen that the SPR has 146hp listed, it appears from close inspection of the photo, that the SPR has the racing header as standard equipment. This would account for about half of the power difference between a regular F4 and an SPR. So the engine mods are only accounting for a few hp. I see the real value of the SPR being the inclusion of the header, and the close ratio gearbox, and the better forks and shock. If you want to go to the max, get the SPR with the Oro option, and add the titanium RG3 pipes. This will get you near the 150 crank hp level, and weigh less than 180kg. And you will have the beautiful Red/Silver racing color scheme that we all know and love. I think that is the route that I will take, if I can afford all of it.

PS - To view the header differences, look at the photo of the right sides of the F4 and SPR, right under the footrest area. The F4 has 2 pipes coming up to the slip-ons, and the SPR has one single pipe, which branches into a "Y" just as it transitions to the slip-ons. It is easy to see that the header pipes are different, and the SPR clearly has a single pipe under the footrest. When you look at the photo of the racing header, it shows this configuration. This is pretty much conclusive evidence that the SPR has the racing header standard.

-- Tom Lyons (twlyons@juno.com), February 27, 2003.

I was informed by my dealer that the SPR comes with the RG3 full system installed! Could he be incorrect? He was reading from an Official MV document listing all of the parts and/or specs of the bike.

-- giorgio c (giorgio@ureach.com), February 27, 2003.

Jeez, now I'm really confused! I have a 2002 Ev02 1+1 and have just about finished running it in, so I was about to put on an RG3 and chip. Now as far as I know, please correct me if Im wrong, I already have that special SPR manifold on this Ev02, it goes 4 into 1 into 2? Or is the SPR manifold that bit more special again?

-- Andy Murphy (andy@homedesk.demon.co.uk), April 23, 2003.

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