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i have adaptec 4 and tried to copy a vcd to the computer then wanted to do another copy on a cd,,it did all that BUT when i tried to open the file it was a gif file and will not play on windows media player 9,,( I also tried to copy the vcd through WMP it would not allow me to do this)the cd i burned will can't be played on the computer either as it to is a gif file,,the original vcd was a avi file which plays not a prob on the computer I just wanted to copy it to the computer,,,when I have downloaded movies from the web I have been able to copy them to cd no probs

-- lea (, February 24, 2003



-- J (, February 25, 2003.

Forget about EZ CD Creator. It sucks. If you use Nero ( you can copy VCDs with no problem. If you're getting GIF files something is definitely going wrong with what you're doing. VCD doesn't use GIF at all. To use Nero to copy VCDs, just select "CD Copy".

-- Root (root@yahoo.moc), February 25, 2003.

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-- mike oxlong (, June 30, 2004.

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