So I got my answer about the wheels, Is it possible to convert the hole assembly by using a MV swing arm and replacing the original ducati 748 swing arm and wheel. And what about the front wheel do you need to convert the fork.....

Thanks guys, David V

-- David V (, February 24, 2003


It is possible and fairly easy (expensive however) to convert MV Wheels to fit the Ducati. The front wheel requires a pair of spacers which will need to be pressed into the wheel bearings.

Then you will be required to utilize a custom axle and custom rotors.

All those parts are available and in stock through us.

The big problem is the rear wheel. If money is not an issue, one can be ordered with the proper fit for your Ducati.

Or you can make it fit by using the MV Agusta rear axle assembly, but that would require a custom made eccentric for the ducati swingarm.

-- Mototrends Corp. (, February 24, 2003.

As someonw who's swapped a few swinga arms (my Suzuki SV has a Honda RC 30 arm and 916 wheel on it) I'd highly recommend not trying to swap an MV arm onto a Ducati: The Ducati suspension linkage points are on top of the swing arm, the MV carries the push rod on top but higher and farther back and mounts the shock through teh hole in the swingarm. You'll have to reengineer the entire linkage assy. And you'll need to verify who you'll mount the shock. Remember, the Ducati has a lot of hardware (rear cyl, exhaust pipes, etc) back there where the MV does not. Further, the Ducati has a swingarm pivot boss on the rear of the engine case and the swing arm is sandwiched on each side between the engine boss and the side of the frame. The MV arm is solid all the way across. You'd have to slice a section of of the MV pivot area and weld in something that replicates what the Ducati arm has in that position. Just my $.02...

-- Chris Baker (, February 26, 2003.

Hi. Do you have plans to put on an MV fairing to a Ducati or vice versa. Im planning to buy a 748 or a 998s just to try that trick and then the swingarm/wheel conversion after that. I want to know if some of you guys have tried that. Thanx!!!

-- dza (, February 27, 2003.

-- jack griffith (, January 17, 2004.

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