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I am looking for information and the ETQ processor that is manufactured by Express Lifts (Express Evans). I have a fault were the lift intermitantly no open is doors and then go to the next floor and retry untill the doors open.

Any information would be grateful

-- steven Fairclough (, February 24, 2003


The fault you are describing is similar to a fault I had on a similar lift a while ago. If my memory serves me correctly, in the door circuit there is one contactor, I think it might be called 26 or something, that is different, that is one is DC where the others are AC, and the DC feed to is is achieved through a series of diodes arranged to form a full wave recitifier. These diodes were siutated in the control half of the power section, on a bakelite board near the bottom of that section of the controller, with soldered connections. I found that some of the joints can go dry, leading to intermittent high resistance connections. Also check for correct operation of the inductors, ZS from memory is the door zone. They can occaisionally stick open, not allowing the doors to open.

Hope this helps

-- Justin Ward (, February 25, 2003.


Justins response sounds like the probale cause. Relays 26 is the door open limit relay, which drops which should drop only when the doors are fully open.

-- John Staples (, February 26, 2003.

2S is in the open door circuit and not ZS. If you still have problems I have access to Express Data and Express Technical support.

-- Robert Tear (, June 13, 2003.

zs is the relay that drives the selector

-- ben randall (, October 23, 2003.

on the system you mention the relays 1us and 1ds energise 2s (door zone relay). 1us and 1ds have to be energised to energise 2s to enable the doors to open. Zs pulses the selector. Check the tape head shoes for wear, also a green resistor (2.7k)is in circuit for 1us, 1ds, zs and 2s. Dry joints are common as the resistors get very hot as they drop the voltage from 110 to 24. Any problems please post

-- ricky pepin (, August 27, 2004.

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