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Raghawaralaya Invites all to learn vocal,veena,Flute.Hormonium,Violin Tabla,Mirudangam,gattam,kanjeera etc. No previous experience is needed The lessons will be sent through Audio cassetes programmmed by the experts of the very same field.

-- S.Govindarajan (raghawaralaya@hotmail.com), February 23, 2003


Dear Sir,

I am going on 60. During the period 1963 to 1995 I had been singing on the stage light music (cine) and some classical. Somehow, I never had an opportunity to sit in a music class or in front of a real Guru to learn things systematically.

I have gained some knowledge to hum ragas based on karnatic notations given. Quite often I bump upon similar Arohana & Ava' notations but carrying different raga names. I am baffled at this, mainly because I did not learn things from a proper Guru.

Muthuswamy Dixitar's some Kritis on Devi have been intoxicating and Since over 5 years, I spend atleast two happy hrs singing classical in the morning, though I stopped performing on the stage since my heart surgery four years ago.

My question is: There are some kritis by Muthuswamy Dikshitar on Devi with powerful Beejaksharas like hrim, klim, Dham etc. explained in Srividya Upasana. Will it be possible for you to give me a start on these?

Regards : Krisshnan

-- E.S. Krisshnan (krisshna@vsnl.com), February 24, 2003.

Srimatre namaH. Though it is wonderful to do Upasana of Sri Paramba through Nada, one should not dwell into the deep aspects of Srividya, without the direct guidance of a Guru. A syllable is called a Bija because it has the capability of transforming into a Maha Vriksha within the Sadhaka, when repeated with devotion. However, the syllable is a Bija Mantra only when energized by the Guru and received through proper Diksha.


-- Harsha Ramamurthy (harsha_ramamurthy@mail.com), January 06, 2005.

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