abandonment dates for former CF&YV line

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I'm trying to help someone with a historical question regarding a piece of the old CF&YV line south of Sanford that was absorbed by the ACL way back in 1900. The line was redundant with the ACL's main line from Wilmington.

Do you know when the portion of the line from McNatts Station thru Hope Mills to Fayetteville was abandoned in favor of the Parkton cut-off and the A-line?



-- David Bott (david.m.bott@dartmouth.edu), February 22, 2003


The CF&YV line paralleled the ACL mainline from Fayetteville to Hope Mills to the west of the ACL. At Hope Mills the CF&YV turned away to the west and ran, either beside or under current county hwy 1116/1710 Old Plank Rd/Genn Road to Lumber Bridge, Red Springs, etc. The ACL acquired the CF&YV lines south of Sanford in 1899, including the branch from Fayetteville to Bennettsville, SC. Sometime between January 1901 and October 1902, the ACL opened the cut-off between Parkton and Lumber Bridge via McNatts, as passenger trains had been rerouted via Parkton by 10/02. By June 1903 the section of ex-CF&YV line from Hope Mills to about a mile NE of Lumber Bridge had been abandoned, as it is not shown in a ACL mileage list of 6/03, the junction of the Bennettsville branch with the ACL mainline being shown as Parkton. A search of old newspapers or verticle files at the Fayetteville City Library for the years indicated above, would most likely turn up more exact dates.

-- Tom Underwood (tlunder@attglobal.net), February 22, 2003.

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