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Hi to all,

I'm looking for some original (readable) field manuals for ancient door operators, selectors and controls...

What I have is either worn, missing pages,unreadable or badly copied from a bad copy...

Specially looking for GAL and OTIS (Motion Control) before 1980...

Ex: Otis - 6850 field education program. Otis - 6970 door operator manual.

My goal is not to steal anything proprietary... No, my goal is to properly maintaining those original equipements through understanding their step-by-step working sequences...

A link or whatever infos you have will be appreciated.

Thank you,

Dominik Prefontaine

-- Dominik Prefontaine (, February 22, 2003


RE:Field Education Manuals

Dominik I do hear you mate, but even having old copied manuals is a breach of OTIS copyright & mark my words they will sue you for having them, if they can find you & prove you have them. However, our industry has a severe shortage of field personnel & it's the policys of OTIS & the other big players who are to blame. If they freely issued or supplied data at an acceptable charge, then the result can only be positive for the industry. There would be more skilled field mechanics, who could correctly set-up & maintain such equipment. This reflects back to the customer who think's this guy's good but then this equipment is great we hardly ever get breakdowns & never have serious safety issues. So when the building owner whants to renew his equipment, it's likely he will stay with the same manuafacturer. It seems that everyone in this industry is out to shaft each other, instead of working together. It's just a job guy's & you are all just a payroll number, who is just another termite in the mound. Our industry should learn fron our partners, such as drive manufacturers. You can download all their manuals & for a fee will gladly train anybody. They know this is good for business & for reliable long term operation of their equipment = good return sales. So untill our industry get it's act together, we all have a duty to help each other. In 35 years in the industry, I have never met anyone who has never at some point needed technical advice from others. Think about that guy's & help each other. Give Dominik the info he requires. It's a back door operation, but we all need a key to that back door at some point! Regards God bless you all & have a nice day!!!

-- Joe Sidmouth (, February 22, 2003.

RE:Field Education Manuals

Thank you Joe for your care for quality through knowledge.

The way I see it, I might someday be working for Otis... Nothing is lost and knowledge, albeit not free, is always for share...

Speaking of sharing... Thyssen's Swift 5000 error codes, anybody ? It's also a missing page...

Thank you,

Dominik Prefontaine Montreal

-- Dominik Prefontaine (, February 24, 2003.

Swift Info

We repair swift boards check our web site for tool

also on the web at swift/cec site is info you need???


-- John (, March 26, 2003.

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