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If you are being harassed by telephone calls you can bar these calls by using BT's Choose to Refuse service. It is free for the first month and if you want to keep it longer it costs about 8 per quarter/month afterwards.

This means that when you get a call from a disclosed number or number withheld, all you do is dial a code (provided by BT) and if they try and phone you again they can't get through.

It could give you peace of mind for the time being from those unscrupulous debt collectors!


-- hanging in there! (, February 21, 2003


They're getting wise to that one and a few have dedicated lines to get through on :( It might be better to get the new BT service where you get a second number on your existing line with a different ring tone, give the new one to family & friends only.

Or if you have the nerve follow this script.

You: for legal reasons I have to inform you that I am taping this conversation, please may I have your name. some will put the phone down now, other will argue about giving you their name, other will give it over easily. IF they refuse to give you their name simply put the phone down.

You: As of today the (date, time) I am formally requesting that under the data protection act that you remove my telephone number from your records, failure to do so is an offence and I will report you to the data protection office.

Some will argue that they have the right to keep it, this isnt the case if they have your address. Simply repeat the last bit and state that you arent prepared to argue points of law.

You: Furthermore I am formally requesting that you only contact me in writing, should you phone again I will consider this as harassment and report you to the Office Of Fair Trading, who have the power to remove your credit license, I may also take legal action against you. Please note I will now be writing to your company confirming this discussion. Goodbye.

If you have access to a tape it's best to use it and send a transcript of the convo.

For any further calls simply quote the time & date of the convo, with who you spoke to. Get their name and report them to the OFT and your solicitor.

-- Sue (, February 21, 2003.

Or alternatively say that you believe that as the issue MAY be brought before a court that you want ALL future communications to be in writing and put the phone down. May I refer you all to the DO's & Dont's section of this site and in particular the "After they contact you and demand cash" section.

-- John (, February 21, 2003.

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