what is the general meaning of quaternion

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what is the general meaning of quaternion what is the use of quaternion in matrices

-- sripada shridevi (sripadashridevi@yahoo.co.in), February 20, 2003


If we try to mix Fuzzy Logic with Quaternions, perhaps some problems of modeling scalar and vector quantities in a same model may become easy to describe many phenomena, which don't have a set of equations to solve them, as risk analysis of structural damage in engineering mechanics.

-- Marcello Josť Quintieri Pinheiro (marcello@mec.uff.br), April 16, 2003.

Hello Sripada:

I have tried to use quaternions in physics, specifically classical mechanics, relativity, electromagnetism, quantum mechanics and gravity. That project has gone pretty well. This does not make physics easy, but it is nice that one math tool works to cover all the major topics (I have not done statistical mechanics yet, oh well).

In my view, quaternions represent an event in 4D spacetime. Physics is the art of determining patterns of events. If a force acts on a mass, that mass will appear in different places at different times according to the equation of motion.

A quaternion matrix is always invertible unless it is the zero matrix. This is a different way to say that quaternions are a division algebra.

doug quaternions.com

-- Doug Sweetser (sweetser@alum.mit.edu), May 13, 2003.

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