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Can not connect to TAC 50 controller in terminal mode. Also tried to install a video board and moniter set up for a T4 config but no good. Any advise to what Thyseen had changed to cause this

-- fred (, February 19, 2003


the tac 50 is an encrypted program it requires the thyssen ims software and its according serial number which is encrypted you cannot get in to it with a hyper term.or a video card


-- jag (, March 28, 2003.

Why don't the elevator techs put their heads together an write their own programs? T4s have a lot of untapped capacity for diagnostics. I am interested in developing software for a variety of systems starting with the easiest first. I am talking about the systems that use a standard rs232 and a terminal program to communicate with the controllers. I am developing software for 2 systems right now,swift500 and a baxco controller. Dover t3 and t4 behave similar to swift5000.

-- Jerry Ferro (, May 03, 2003.

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