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Hi guys,

To follow up, here's how the conversation went to Lewis Russell and partners, the girl on the other end didn't confirm she was Webb or give a name at all by the way.

"friend# hello, I was told to speak to Karen Webb". "them# have you a reference number (gives them it) then how can i help you? (friend says well you called me". "them# Right is this (friends name)?". "friend# who wants to know?" "them# we are trying to find (name) over a matter" "friend# well i dont know who you are do i? but yes thats me" "them# did you once live at (address)?" "friend# again why do you want to know? im not giving out anything over the phone to a complete stranger" "them# we need to confirm we are speaking to the right person before we can hand over that information" "friend# no i have never lived there" "them# can i confirm your dob?" "friend# no, im not giving that info out over the phone whats this about?" "them# well if you won't confirm your dob then... did you say that you once lived at that address?" "friend# no i didn't i've never lived there" "them# but you are (name)?" "friend# yes" "them# and your date of birth is what?" "friend# im not giving that out if you wont tell me what this is about" "them# well if you wont confirm your dob we cant tell you what this is about in case we have the wrong person, we need to see if this is a different (name) to the (name) that we are looking for. We will have to try and use other methods to try and contact the person we are looking to find" They slam the phone down without saying goodbye or anything.

What do you all think they will try and do next? Do you think that my friend did anything wrong with the responses that she gave? Any feedback or advice would be brilliant, by e-mail is certainly fine if you have the time. Has anyone else been in a similar situation especially if it concerns Lewis Russell and partners?

Thanks, all help and advice is appreciated.

Julz x

-- Julz Richmond (, February 18, 2003


if they keep calling you, call the operator and tell them that oyu are getting harrasing phone calls, give them the number, the details of the letter and your experince and make a formal complaint against them. BT will then have to investiage the matter. check out your phone book for details of abuses of the telecommunications service!

-- mike (, March 04, 2004.

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