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Hi all,

On behalf of my dear friend i'm writing to ask advice and warn about a potential credit chaser. Basically after my friends partner passed away she lost her home (Northern Rock plc) and had to move into a little hellhole. Recently, a firm called Lewis Russell and partners from evesham in worstershire sent a letter to her dead husbands Family addressed to "the occupier" and asking for the occupier to call them. My friend lived in the family home for a time you see. The family rang up the firm thinking the letter was for them and they where greeted with questions asking for the whereabouts of my friend and her partner. Obviously, the family where quite upset at being asked about their son but they carried on anyway and asked where my friend is now living. The woman at the end of the phone was called Ms Karen Webb abd stated the following "can she call me, it is a private matter but she shouldn't be alarmed call me on 01386 421 995 between 8am and 8 pm". The family where quite smart and said they could take Ms Webb to where she lived but couldn't tell them as not sure of address. Unfortunatley they have verified that my friend is still knocking about and that they kind of know where she lives.

My friend is going to call them, just to find out who it is but not give any information out, just see what it is regarding.

My friend is worried howver that they will keep contacting her partners family and without being rude, the mum isn't too bright and will tell the world and the wife anyones private business over the phone and otherwise no matter who you say you are etc without checking.

My friend is in no fit state to be dealing with this right now as she is being made homeless by her sleazy landlord in 2 weeks anyway so she cant give them a forwarding address anyway so that they will stop contacting her dead partners family.

I'll let you know what she tells me happened with the call, to warn people and ask for your advice on this post and my next one.

Thanks guys and hope you are all well.

Julz x

-- Julz Richmond (, February 18, 2003



Firstly, I'm sorry to learn of your friend's loss and problems. To avoid repetition please read my answer/s to the previous posting.

Best wishes,


-- M Amos (, February 19, 2003.

The best place to file these guys are in the Bin, do not reply even out of curiosity. Thats how they get paid

-- Richard P (, November 13, 2003.

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