right now george bush is in the shower washing his dick

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after reading most of the postings here i wonder what a "christing arse" is.

but i think i like it and i may use it, until i get sued by the record companies

go kazaaaaaaaa

-- is hard to pronounce so lets go with david (dgonc@symaptico.ca), February 18, 2003


ey you ... aye I am in full agreeement wit ye. George bush is washing his dick in the shower right now and in fact he washes it every chance he gets because he's such a fucking dirty ho and loves the feel of his monkey hands brushing against his 1 inch monkey penis. Bless the day my child when this monkey leaves office . . . I feel sorry for the white house custodians who have to clean up all his piss and shit he flung around the house.

Ta Ta for now


Nigel Quigley, III

-- Nigel Quigley (treesitterone@hotmail.com), November 07, 2003.


-- tina dawn hamby larue clark (peterbelt@skybest.com), March 15, 2004.

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