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Hello All,

A special 'invitation only' event for MV Agusta riders.

Julian Mclean and myself (...Robert McCaskie) are organising an 'MV' track day at Broadford on Saturday the 15th March. We have booked the Broadford race circuit for an entire day, and will open it up to invited MV riders/owners.

This is a great opportunity to get your bike on the track, in a relaxed, fun and non-competitive environment with like minded people. The day will be structured, with St Johns Ambulance and a track moderator in attendance. We will have full access to all facilities, including the tower, press room, amenities and track.

In addition, a photographer will be there for those of you who have not yet mastered the skill of taking your own photo whilst dragging your knee.

This email is to see if you are interested in coming... and as there will be a maximum of 25 riders, I urge you to be quick in letting us know. Non-riding family, friends, guests and children.... basically if human ... are all welcome. No pets please.

It will not be expensive, and anyone who has attended a track day before will know how special it is to be on a 'closed to the public' circuit, with such a small number of riders.

The cost scenarios per rider are:

1) $80 for a 12 month recreational Broadford track licence. Required to ride on this track, outside of a scheduled ride day. 2) $77 for access to the track on the day. 3) $18 to cover other sundry expenses. Total cost is $175. If you already have a recreation licence for Broadford, the cost is only $95 per rider

Lunch can be provided for both rider and guests at the cost of $9.50 per head.

Do you want to attend...? To RSVP, please contact Debra Gunn who is taking care of co-ordinating things. Her phone is (03) 9576 7387 and her email is

Remember, this is an invitation only event! ... and payment is in advance. If you would have someone (MV rider/owner) that you know would like to be invited, please let me know ASAP.

This is planned to be the first of a number of MV track days...

Looking forward to a great day....!!! Robert McCaskie MV Senna #166 0419 645 677 Australia

-- Robert McCaskie (, February 18, 2003

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