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I'm touring for 10 days next month in the South Island of New Zealand on my F4s. As a backpack is out of the question (I know what it was like on my 748), does anyone have any clever ideas on attaching (minimal) luggage to an MV?

And no, I really don't want to attach a Ventura or similar system if I can help it (like attaching a tow-bar to a Ferrari).

thanks, G.

-- gary stewart (, February 18, 2003


There are several makers of soft luggage that slings over the rear seat/tail, with panniers and/or top bag. Eclipse is a popular one. They have models for sportbikes that are streamlined and angled for clearance, and don't look too bad if you can believe luggage on an MV doesn't look bad! If you have to have it, this is probably the best bet. No mods to the bike, and it holds your clothes, and still retains some of the sporty look. Easily removed with straps, so when you get to your destination, you can remove them and go naked.

-- Tom Lyons (, February 18, 2003.

Hi gary Check out 'Baglux' they do a great tank harness and selection of tank bags to fit it. Comes colour matched and fits very well. No movement and all the weight is kept over the tank. The kit was not listed on the Baglux web site I had to go direct to the importers here in the UK. They definetly do red for the standard F4 colour and they also do black for the senna. The harness is made to follow the tanks contours so once on its like a glove and looks good.

-- Tony B (, February 18, 2003.

When you have the 1+1 you can get yourself a BAGDOLL as DUO Person en stuff it with al you need, does not look as worse as bulky bags! ;>) Dont's forget to put a helmet on as might be stopped for loose hair in the wind.

-- hb (, February 19, 2003.

Hi Just a quick note do ventura do a system for the MV? I've asked them several months ago and they said that they do not intend to do one for the MV Has anyone heard different?

-- malcolm holden (, February 19, 2003.

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