Looking for an older #6 Melitta filter cone, plstic, w/cylindrical bottom

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I'm looking for a source for the older #6 filter comes that melitta used to make that fit perfectly into an Aladdin thermos, I have been searching for some time to no avail, plese help.

-- Dan Garner (dlgarner@attbi.com), February 17, 2003


Me too. Any luck?

-- Scott (schas@ameritech.net), February 25, 2003.

Add me to the list! I've found one in the past at second hand stores...

-- cindy stephens eskin (ceskin@erols.com), March 18, 2003.

http://www.nicholascoffee.com/WebStore/Storefront/ItemsList.cfm? CatID=22&SubCatID=70

Found one

-- colleen turner (ceskin@erols.com), March 18, 2003.

Found them at http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.brewers.shtml 7.35 each but has a $15 minimum for shipping.

-- Daniel Garner (dlgarner@attbi.com), March 30, 2003.

Try Melitta themselves. They don't sell the #4 retail either (any more) but if you contact them (through their web site) they've just shipped some #4's to me, so the #6 may also be available.

-- Alan Gardner (alan_gardner_cda@hotmail.com), May 09, 2003.

They still sell them at Kitchen Arts on Newbury Street in Boston.


Kitchen Arts

161 Newbury Street Boston MA 02116 Phone: (617) 266-8701 Fax: (617) 266-6300

-- ben (benrin@yahoo.com), June 14, 2004.

I was looking at the sweetmarias cones. They are perfect but I am in Canada and they have a minimum $40 order for shipment outside the US.

However I found the same thermos cones in #6 and #4 sizes at Degrees Kitchen Store (2588 Yonge St. Toronto) phone (416) 484-8222

-- Gilles Fecteau (gillesfecteau@rogers.com), July 16, 2004.

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