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Just a thought for anyone trying to insure an MV in the UK. Having called every advertiser in three different magazines and Motor Cycle News as well I could only find two people who would even give a quote. Norwich Union - 1300 and Carol Nash - 400. I'm 36, 3years no claims, live in the country etc. Just where NU get their business from I don't know. Might save someone some time. Cue messages from smug americans who pay diddly squat!

-- Sean Astley (, February 17, 2003



Not sure what NU are up to there. I am insured with NU, and I have my MV and GSXR1000 insured for much less than you got quoted for one MV. And I am younger than you, but not much.

-- David Stephens (, February 17, 2003.

seems to be no logic to it. i've just renewed with carole nash for 380 (came down by 80 just like that when i pushed them) to cover MV and S4 monster. i'm pretty happy with that.

-- fraser butters (, February 17, 2003.

Hallo sean I reckon the insurance companies make it up as the go along. If ever there was a case for an industry to be critically examined its that lot. I was with Carol Nash for four years and had full comp on a 550 GT Kwack and 1200 Bandit for 275. Last year I apparently had the audacity to buy a Senna at the age of 46( I dont drive and have been riding bikes since the age of 16 all year round). Carol Nash refused to insure me despite 4years no claims let alone the loyalty angle. After days of ringing round I got cover for the three bikes for 750. Day light f@k!ng robbery but I had no choice. I approached Carol Nash at the NEC and complained getting fobbed of with "cant under stand way" type attitude. Anyway this renewal year once again after ringing around Nash gives me a really competitive quote of 460 fully comp all three bikes. Whats changed? Why can they insure me this year but not last? Insurance companies are the modern day corporate 'Ronnie and Reggie' brigade. Demanding money with menaces with enough get out clauses built in to make the policy no more then a piece ofprinted paper to keep the old bill happy. I have also written to MCN as this lack of consistency in pricing is a real problem and asked why they haven't taken up the good fight on our behalfs. But looking at the advertising revenue emap makes from this bunch of robbing b'stards it was no surprise that I got no response. I suppose we just carry on eh. Drop your pants bend over and think of Great Britain.

-- Tony beckwith (, February 17, 2003.

Apparently, if you insure a classic bike with Carole Nash for next to nothing then you can add the MV Agusta to the same policy for a small premium. Unfortunately I cant give any figures as I've not tried it myself - yet.


-- John King (, February 20, 2003.

Ive been riding scooters ( Vespa's & Lambretta's ) for many years - and have seen most of the bull' you lot are talking about ... but the best one I heard was when my bro' ( who's also into scoot's ) got a trumped up renewal from the company he was with - he was hacked off - so phoned around ( going through the phone book - randomly ) after a few ... he was offered a reasonable quote ... He said that'll do me ! They proceeded to take his details ... after a short gap ' they proclaimed - they already had someone by his name & living at the same address - on their books !!! Just goes to underline what a robbing bunch of c*/'ts they are ... eh


I can't seem to get NU to quote, not a big fan of them anyway after I lost a Firbleade a few years back and spent weeks fighting over it's value.

Anyway there seem to be two companies that are happy to quote for the F4 (and assume Brutale) as long as it's allarmed, garaged and you have serious no claims. Carole Nash and Footman James, they both have a 10% discount for MV Ownersclub members, so it pays for your membership plus a bit for the carbon fund. Which one to go for will depend very much on your individual case.

The theory about insuring a classic is unfortunatly not quite true. If you insure both an F4 and a classic then they add the classic for a fairly modest fee. I had a 76 CB750 added for 18 fully comp. This takes my total premium to 450 for 3 bikes. for membership details.

P.S. hi Tony long time no see.


-- Mark M (, October 06, 2004.

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