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I would like to know where I can send photos of my work and fill out applications for public art work, privite or the resort industry.What I do Is I take the customer original art work large or small and I engrave the picture into the concrete freehand using a angle grinder with a diamond blade I can work direct with artist or make large templates. Then I acid stain or color with dyes. This type work makes it unique to the individual or can express the piblics interest, I have worked in the public art as well. I was the featured artist in the Concrete construction magazine for the month of January 03. This highlighted my demonstration at the World Of Concrete Feb. 4 in Las Vegas. the resort industry, Private individuals and public works . Any help where to go with this would be appreciated. Thanks in advance Sincerely, Gerald Taylor Images In Concrete 600 Garland Ave. El Dorado, Arkansas 870-862-5633I

-- gerald Wayne Taylor (geraldwtaylor@cox-internet.co), February 15, 2003


I am interested in seeing your work. The above mailbox should have space available for electronic images. Land mail address is: Lynn Carlson P O Box 61 Crystal Lake IL 60039-0061

-- Lynn Carlson (artxpert2000@yahoo.com), July 26, 2004.

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