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Hi all

I settled full and final with Nationwide/eversheds demanded 30000 settled for 3000 in June 2001. No further letters and since I have applied for a loan and got it, and have a store card for the discount. I have had no bad payments etc and have got an agreement in principle for a mortgage - we have a 50% deposit. What would we have to do to see if we can REALLY get the mortgage before we put in an offer?

Regards - Tony

-- Tony Small (, February 14, 2003


Just out of interest who handled your case at Eversh*tes? I would approach your current bank, they may be very helpful.

-- Geoff Winters (, February 14, 2003.


Just to let you know the Co-operative bank are very good in these circumstances tel 08457 212212 press#

-- Julie (, February 15, 2003.


Thankyou for th replies, I cant remember the guys full name, but surname was stephens,

Regards and thanks for the replies


-- tony small (, February 15, 2003.

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