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February 13,2003

Atty. Michael Boyle,

I would like to inquire what are my chances of having my tourist visa changed to a working visa. I am on vacation right now here in Connecticut with a tourist visa and it seems i like to stay and work here. Do i need to have an employer who would sponsor me? Or do i have to consult first with an immigration lawyer who could help me as for the legal aspects on this matter? By the way i work as a bank employee in the philippines as for my profession.

Thanks and more power to you and your staff.

Abner M. Retuya (

-- abner m. retuya (, February 13, 2003


You would need a sponsor, and you would need an immigration lawyer. It would be best for all of you to meet together.

-- Michael Boyle (, March 21, 2003.

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