succesfully spot weld hast x.090 to hast x .020 class b weld. : LUSENET : Resistance Welding : One Thread

having trouble spot welding aerospace parts consisting of hast x .090 thick on top to hast x .020 bottom. useing a sciaky spot welding machine three phase 60,000 peak amps. already tried useing two straight holders and class one tip on top with a class three tip on useing various heat methods and forge interavals i still develop holes in clear annulus zone and if the holes are in the accepted zone of weld its greater than mil spec 6858 allows for.can you please give me some insight. thanks,combination welding specialist: al podsiadlik.

-- alphonse podsiadlik (, February 13, 2003


Hi Al This is your Brother Tony in Michigan. How are you doing. E-mail me a line or two. PS - I am at work at this time, running 3rd shift. Take care Tony

-- Anthony W Podsiadlik (, July 26, 2003.

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