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I am helping a friend with her clarinet solo for district contest. I am also accompanying her by playing the piano. My problem is that she CANNOT count for anything. I will count the rhythm out loud while I am playing my piano part or just while I am listening to her play. She cannot get the rhythm in her head and she cannot count. How in the world do I help her?


-- Nichelle Bailey (, February 12, 2003


Hey Girl - I worked with some middle school musicians for contest and had the same problem but found two things that worked...firstly, play their part with them and every time you are not "perfectly" together, stop...that really helped because they knew the exact spot that was problematic...secondly, I recorded a tape for them to practice...obviously, with a tape, you can't "budge" and make up for their lack of can't just smooth it over, they will be off and they will have to find out where...hope this helps!! Erika

-- Erika (, March 05, 2003.

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